The Clean Trust Core Values

We will establish and maintain a culture characterized by honesty, high values and exceptional standards of conduct.

We will treat everyone we encounter in our interactions through The Clean Trust in the same manner we would wish to be treated.

We will work to assure that the obligations and stated goals of The Clean Trust are met in a timely fashion.

We will accept nothing less than the best in leadership, quality and service.

We will continue to build The Clean Trust's reputation as the leading authority and source of professional knowledge in the industry.

Mold Damage Restoration in Kincardine

The IICRC Mission

To serve primarily as an independent, non-profit certification body; to set and promote high standards and ethics; and to advance communication and technical proficiency within the cleaning, inspection and restoration industries.

Specialising in mold damage restoration in Kincardine, the institute continues to promote the science of cleaning and restoration.

Visit the IICRC at or contact the IICRC at for more information

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Working Conditions

We want to create a comfortable place to call home.

Our priority is to take whatever steps are necessary to return your property to its original condition and to make your family comfortable during the repair process. We offer many other services depending on the extent and type of damage you have experienced.

We know you have a special urgency in getting your property restored to its original condition as quickly as possible. Buchanan Restoration and Contracting is ready to get the required work started immediately.